Based in Beirut-Lebanon, Karim Khneisser is a music composer/producer and sound designer.

He collaborated with various local and international musicians (like Joss Stone, Mike Dawes, Naâman, Skratch Bastid and Keziah Jones)
He participated in two Sofar editions in Beirut (first and fourth edition) as well as being asked to “speak” at the 2015 TEDxBeirut.

Karim's interest in world music drove him to learn many ethnic instruments.
He's known as the most diverse multi-instrumentalist in the middle-east mixing electronic music with world instruments, using both his sound designer background and personal music experience.
He created the first 360 music video in the middle east back in 2015, where he's playing 13 different instruments on the same track. 

He's currently working on his first Album Saṃsāra, recording it at his studio in Beirut, scheduled to be released summer 2019.